What we do

Siu-Tsiu creates workplaces for and with young people in Greenland. Collegiality and work identity are our most important tools for creating well-being. We employ and upskill young people and get them well on their way to work or education.



During the autumn, we have been collecting waste wood around the city. And now Mikkel Paalu and Asser have taken the initiative to build shoe

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Siu-Tsiu originated from an initiative by the former Naalakkersuisoq for Social Affairs, Family, Equality and Justice, Sarah Olsvig, after which a cooperation agreement was concluded between the Danish social economy enterprise, Grennessminde in Taastrup and Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq to develop social economy enterprises in Greenland.

We offer

Siu-Tsiu is a social enterprise that consists of a secretariat in Nuuk and a service centre in Tasiilaq. From the secretariat in Nuuk, we advise and spread knowledge, and from the Service Centre in Tasiilaq, we offer to solve practical tasks.

In Tasiilaq we offer variety of services such as clearing out snow from sidewalks, stairs and pathways as well as painting houses and small carpenter jobs.

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Garden of Tasiilaq

SiuTsiu has planted a small but productive garden that produces different kinds of crops which we sell to local business in Tasiilaq in an effort to support and develop local sustainable solutions and ideas.

Painting houses

SiuTsiu in cooperation with the local housing office and the local painting company "Malerfirmaet Jensen og Nielsen" has painted several private houses.

Snow removal

We have an agreement with Iserit A/S to remove snow during the winter. We shovel snow every time snow has fallen at several homes and buildings.

Micro greens

Siu-Tsiu has acquired two growth racks where we can experiment with growing micro greens and pre-germinate plants for Tasiilaq's Garden.