The first young people - the first year 2021-2022

We have had 11 young people through programmes in the past year. Two more were referred from Majoriaq.

All 11 have developed well and are ready to move on.

  • 4 are currently working in companies
  • 1 has an apprenticeship as a terminal worker
  • 1 has applied to TNI and the short pedagogue programme in Ilulissat
  • 1 has applied to the cookery school
  • 2 have chosen and been accepted to folk high school
  • 1 starts at TNI in Qaqortoq
  • 1 is ready for maritime education
  • 5 of the young people have received theory lessons and a driving licence as part of their programme

Read the full status report on the first batch of young people in Siu-Tsiu by clicking the “Read the report” button.

Annual report 2021

Annual report 2021

The annual report 2021 was approved at the foundation’s board meeting on 25 May 2022.

The purpose of the foundation

The purpose of the foundation is to work for the dissemination of social economy businesses in Greenland, as well as to raise awareness of social economy businesses in Greenland.

Development in activities, financial conditions and distribution activities

The Board of Directors finds the result for the year of DKK 426 thousand satisfactory. The total equity now amounts to DKK 426 thousand.

2021 is Siu-Tsiu’s first year of operation. A year in which, despite delays due to covid in large parts of society, we have come further than we had dared to hope.